We've all heard the story of wolf

the one we are told blew his roof

but what we dont know and what they dont show

is the wolf was feeling a bit low


he walked all day shared some hay with his bae

and she took the last bite just to say

'she doesnt wish to hurt him' she says

'she thinks that they have different plans?'


she wants marriage and kids and a house in the hills

but he cant even get a brick in his name

she goes on to say it is better this way, better if she just goes away

as she walks he pleads she doesnt know what she means


but yet she does not turn back to stay

looking around he reached in his pocket for a ring and a deed to a home

a home he would own but live in alone

if only she knew what he'd known


walking to the house he had gotten his former spouse he saw the pigs build a home

is this what she wanted? for him to sweat and be counted

well we'll see how much house is in this home

determined to prove she made the wrong move he went to see how they did


walking to the first pig with his house made of twigs he asked how sturdy it'd be

the pig cried out please just let me be, why is this happening to me?

the wolf said can it hold winds let me see what it thins and blew the twigs in the wind

the first pig ran off the wolf said please stop. he did not mean to loose his top


cried as he ran right into dan the second pig thats house stand

his house made of hay reminded the wolf of his day and his emotions all in disaray

cries filled the air and the wolf hit a snair as the air made him sneeze unaware

with not even a word all that was heard was a loud sneeze and two louder squeals.


running to the third this house sure to have heard, the terror of what had occured

they told their story and begged for entry showing the wolf on their tails

they were allowed in and would later spend hours safe from the big bad wolf

the wolf saw the three and wished it to be four all he could do was sit and sob on the floor.

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My family
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