My best moments were ten years ago.
Being able to jump in my parents bed
Feeling the warmth of their sheets.
Not thinking that one day I would have to let go.
My family was once a completed puzzle.
Waking up every morning
With the strong smell of coffee and a smile,
That comforting smile of my mother.
She would always remind me of the sunshine,
A sunshine that took away the cold.
My father was like the moon that only appeared at night;
Together with the dark, it disappeared when the sun came out,
Fading memories of that moon.
The sun and moon;
Two beautiful things that would never meet.
Today, thinking back.
Not understanding adulthood
Not having to worry at all
Life was simple then.
Today, waking up having to make that coffee before I smell it,
My mother asleep, too tired from work.
My father holding his own,
And I having to worry about my future.
One day my parents will be on the other side;
My day will not shine as bright,
My night will be dark without a shimmer.
The best moments always fade away

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My family
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