Car Ride

I hurtfully close my eyes,

And for a moment, I wasn't there. 

Hearing only quiet whimpers of hushed cries. 

Taken away,

By the wind that blew soft and gentle.

Whispering in my ear,

That I'd be okay.

It's only It and I

Against a world that's crumbling.

Down, I fall with covering hands,

And all these thoughts come flying by.

Reality kicks in from the broken door,

My last standing defense.

And where was I to run?

Through the glass to make it hurt more?

I snap back, my eyes rapidly open and blink,

The winds' still keeping me.

Company, how it has become so small,

One person after another, but straight I must think.

My feelings now being needed to drive,

Since I can't seem to take over.

And it's quite disappointing, 

Because I was trying to stay alive.



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