The Tales Never Told



The fairy tales that the fairies always fail to tell are the truest of them all. These "once upon a times" only happen once every so often, which begs the question of what is happening the rest of time?  In between these instances of happy moments and glorious ending that is meant to keep us distracted, we begin to see reality for what it truly is. We begin to awaken from our slumber. But how do you even to begin to make sense of the world you are seeing when deceit is hiding in every corner. The land of the free has more people incarcerated than any other nation in the world today. The police are gunning down the people they are meant to protect. Politicians are playing games with our emotions. We the people are no longer united.  

My fairy tale would be a world where we would no longer need fairy tales. You see... in a perfect world we would not need fairy tales to escape. We would not need to find joy in fiction. We would begin to understand that we can create happiness. We would begin to see that we have the power to affect the world around us. However, the bitter truth is that we are far from perfect. 

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