When I arrived he was gone-

my stomach vociferated in harmony with

his (hello hello hello) soul

I tried to close my eyes and trace the throat of his fingernails

and when I arrived, he was gone.


It’s like we are magnets


I suppose


Oh but you did you did you so lightly blew out the candle raised a few hairs


Emotions are currency, you know

And although our memories are bloated

One day we will read this and laugh

As words become a map

We will have arrived, the veins of our route traveled and conquered

Creating new lines by our eyes


I remember touching the canyon of your back and noticing the changing colors through slits in the blinds as we talked about coincidence and fate and insignificance so late I remember nights with flowers and bruises and moving pictures the spindle of my youth I remember cigarettes and eyelashes and the velvet nape of anticipation and exposed breasts of hesitation I remember a certain melody that was maybe played too many times


We grew algae where love notes would go



even though it is no longer now ever then

clock smothering magic numbers disappearing



It was all real

angular; real

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