My Nikes

My Nikes are special

They aren’t like any other pair of shoes I’ve ever owned

They come from a place far far away

It was either the beginning of August, or the end of May

I will never forget the day, I BOUGHT MY NIKES


3,000 miles away on a warm rainy day

I bought my Nikes

To be honest there beat tore at the seams, colored in, they bleed

With dirt, marker and leaves

But these are my Nikes

Through rain sleet and snow, to the other side of Lake Tahoe

In a class, kitchen and stadium, on stage they never went missing

I still had my Nikes

Fright Fest in mid-day, or running late at mid-night

My Nike Air Max Zoom 96’ have Always taken flight



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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