Entry #2

This morning,
I noticed something
I have such beautiful eyes
Which is weird
I've never been happy with them
Nor sad either
I haven't felt any sort of feeling with my eyes
Until I looked the mirror
This morning
I felt like the foundation of the world
Was laid in my eyes
Brown so thorough and vivid
It's reflective
Two miniscule specks of light
That shine upon one circle like object
Enough to show a bit of color
But of course not enough to move past brown
My eyes are like the night sky
Simplistic yet captivating
There is something about the way the stars twinkle in my eyes that's like a gravitational force pulling you closer and closer
Beleaguring the earth with their iridescent beauty
There is something about the way they shrink when I laugh
Something about them that makes me rapt
in my own
Beauty, a little conceited
I know but
Self-love is revolutionary
When you've never

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