LOUD Vomit

                                          Waking up to the sound of nothing

          I'm in a room which seems to be an opstical blocking me from the real world

        Life is hard, when you're 15 and your pursuit of happiness is blocked by the guard

                 Straight A student but the book say that aint shit if I'm not sancitfied

                             well guess I'll die with rainbow blood dripping from eyes

                                I suffer from ADHD but they say I just act

        People make me sick just dont want to see me grow up and make an impact

                                I love things that people say are eccentric

                  Cause they say I like women and only ball for the attention

 In this world there are only 2 types of people ones who be themselves and ones who bully the ones who are original

    Wanna bash me cuz its biblical or wanna shoot me in the trash because "I'm a criminal"

Rolling up my sleeves for fashion but self conscious of the scars running up and down my arms

I want to be you cuz my life is blue but not just blue .. red, orange, yellow, green and purple too

I wave the flag becuz I love her, and I wish to someday WE BOTH CAN BE A MOTHER

                        I march to recognize other humans that are doing the same

                                               I feel your pain, we're atomic           

                                     no its not just colorful paint in your vomit


- In honor of the lgbt community



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My community
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