The Lighthouse

I remember,

The connection we loved ever so much has now ran away,

laughs of joy we shared have now become screams of agony,

The memory of running playfully has now become a sorrow filled stroll,

I loved being with you but now I can't wait to getaway,

You are always by my side but I can no longer feel your presence,

I wonder if I love you or the memory of you,

I stay with you in hopes of reigniting what we once had,

Sadly that hope will be nothing more,

That happiness we enjoyed now brings pain upon me,

You've lit the path to my aspirations but now I know my way,

I no longer need you,

The light that used to guide me is now blinding,

I hope you can help others the way you helped me,

It is my time to leave,

I'll always remember the warmth you gave me,

That will never wither,

I hope your light stays ever so bright,


Our lighthouse.


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My community
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This poem is about me mustering up the courage to leave my best-friend. My best-friend has always helped me through the troubles in life but now I feel as if he's holding me back. I look forward to going to college which is quite far from home but he wants me to choose a school that is more local. He is "The Lighthouse", he has always helped people throughout his time and many love him for it but I think its time for us to spend some time apart. I fear telling him because I'm scared of the way the people he has helped might treat me. He is a great friend but I feel uncomfortable being around him, I fear change but who doesn't. I have yet to make my voice heard.

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