Running away

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 01:09 -- SERG

O' Great America;

She said, "They never know what they got"

But you still take it away.

What you do? Throw it away and, getting away?

I cant go to your bank without running away.


Gone like the wind, I cant seem to win.

I know the end is near, I just dont know. When?

And when I turn on CNN, is another black/white man getting killed

on his rest day.

Do I lose or win?

What was it gains?

Equality. Hell no, 'cause all I see is dead.


So Im running away, going away.


O'great America;

She said, "They never know what they want"

So you coose the dumbset one.

Big Mouth, Big Head.

All I hear is the Tails, of his "Grand's" slave that he used to collect.

One-hundred years next, has anything changed?

To beleive his lies bout race, Why The Hell Do We?

Care. Even if his mind corrupts ours, Hell.


Becuase - O'Great America!

Im thinking of Running away.

The Pain, Saints; let us Pray.

Cuase, Im Running away.


Becuase in "God WE trust",

yet IF we ran away.

Hope itsel; would come along the way.


So Im running away, running away from America "The Great".


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My community
My country
Our world
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