The Nightingale's Flight

Only the nightingale sings the melody of constancy,

With the falling of last light, her notes welcome me

To the darkness of the night, the brightness of the stars.

The fickle lights that twinkle, sometimes in tune with bars

Of the nightingale, but often without rhyme or reason.

Why must the stars always change with the season?

Why must the sun be shrouded or the heart be crowded?

My heart beat for the nightingale, till the day she doubted

That I was enough and thus, the end of us, the end of me—


The end of our unwritten symphony.

Something I regret, but never let myself forget

The song of the nightingale was never a duet.

I played a part in your play and it turned out to be

A tragedy, how could I not foresee the misery

you’d bring upon me—


And then you look at me, look into me, with those eyes,

Brown eyes glowing golden in the sunrise,

And suddenly I’m believing all your lies.

If it keeps you here, singing to me, one more night,

If you promise me, swear to me, you won’t take flight

And I know if I hold too tight, you’ll only fight, it’s only right

but despite what I know, letting go is terrifying

and your eyes are mystifying and god I’m trying

to move on, but your song keeps ringing in my ears

and I can see the way you try to hide the tears

rising in your eyes as you look to the skies and I know

it’s time to let you go.


And when you fly away and say you hope we’ll meet another day

When only yesterday, you promised your love would never stray,

I wonder when your promises became ridden with deceit,

How you could say you were fine when you felt incomplete,

Longing for the skies while I stand by, obsolete,

Unable to compete with the desire beating in your heart.

When did my heart become a burden instead of a gift,

When did your eyes start to drift and your wings to shift

Aching for the anchor I’ve become to lift?

And I know I agreed when you said another day,

But I thought I was enough to make you stay.

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