Just Two Kids, Just You and Me Against the World

I still remember the very first time I met you:

We were just kids then, who believed in the idea of forever and always.

And we were just two kids then, who believed in the whole:

“It's you and me against the world” sort of, kind of thing.

And as we got older, we only existed within our own little world.

Never stopping to care about any of the big consequences.


We used to have late night conversations about our future

(that we really had no idea about).

And then making up premature promises

(on the notion of never leaving each other).

Because we, honest to goodness, believed there was no one else

(that could possibly be better).

I always woke up to: “Good morning, beautiful”'

and you always fell asleep to: “Good night, love.”


But now, it is all a ghost of a memory

that I don't know how to bring back.

We keep looking at things from a bird's eye point of view;

disconnecting ourselves from the present moment.

Believing that if we could fly far away enough we won't have to

face the fact that reality might not be as good as our imagination.


And the older we get, the more hes-i-tant we find ourselves becoming.

We refuse to acknowledge the underlying meanings of our feelings.

Because there are still just those two kids who fell in love

almost five years back, who believed in forever and always.


Because you don’t understand how I only want to hear

that laugh that I fell in love with: I fell in love with you being happy.

But within those moments that I find you vulnerable,

I fall deeper in love with all the layers’ underneath.


And I have loved you too damn much

for you to not give a single damn about me.

And so, help me God: If this love ever ends

without me being able to open your eyes to

this unending love that I can never

seem to put into words.


And like a fool on a suicide mission,

I am willing to fight for you,

even after being battered and bruised.

But you won't even take the time to stand up for me

because you are too busy on your knees begging for her

to even take a step with you when I would gladly walk

through the nine circles of hell with you and back

If only it meant being able to walk alongside you

for a little taste of pure utter heaven.


Everyone said we were just kids being kids

who don’t understand what love means.

As if there was a golden age within a golden hour

when we would know what exactly it is that we feel.


So then can you please explain to me

this feeling inside my chest

that I can’t get rid of no matter how much

I try to forget all the memories

and how much missing. you. hurts.


Because everyone is saying

I am a complete and utter idiot

for trying with my entire heart and soul

to scratch and claw my way to every bit of distance

to get even the tiniest bit of success.

But you had me intoxicated on you

from the very first time we met.


You promised me you would never leave

but I still find myself lost without you by my side.

And I don't know how to bring you back.

But I’ll wait. Because YOU said we would wait.

No matter how long it would take. We would wait.

And wait. And wait. For each other.

Yet you still find ways for leaving me behind

until I fade away into the past where I always reside.


We’re still just two kids

who have no clue where we’re going.

Playing these stupid,

stupid games with each other.

Playing by different rules.

We play with no boundaries.

No red exit sign telling us where to leave.

Because we can’t seem to leave.


So, there is just you. And me.

And our petty little games.

I'm sick and tired of these games.


Aren't you?

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