Panic Pandemic


My oh my, what is this deadly sensation?

A sickening feeling, oh how I detest it.

Like a chemical reaction, I feel the explosion

Of a million thoughts, the mind's at the limit.


When oh when, will this experience subside?

The clock is ticking, I'm running out of time.

Like a countdown, the heart beating inside

With powerful punches, it's almost a crime.


Why oh why, am I still trembling?

The ground is rumbling, my knees are rattling.

Like an earthquake, my chair makes the sound

Close to the shouting, of a stadium crowd.


Who oh who, is noticing me?

Looking around, there's nothing to see.

Broken lenses, the feelings have shattered

From painful silence, my hope is now scattered...



But wait oh wait! The story's not over!

This rampid confusion, I've found its solution!

I'll give it a test, and pray for the best.

And finally get, this weight off my chest.


So Breathe oh breathe, take a deep breath!

Filling those lungs, I'm saved from this death!

This miracle antidote, symptoms reversed.

Back to full focus, no longer accursed...



...Time moving on, I'll face this again.

But now I am strong, I'm not the same man!
















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