a letter to my former self

someday a boy will break your heart in two

consider this a forewarning to you


his eyes

brilliant baby blue

will consume you entirely

as he becomes your distraction


his scent

woodsy yet clean

will complement yours perfectly

as he becomes your familiarity


his hands

rough but strong

will hold you unconditionally

as he becomes your protection


his lips

sweet like honey

will desire you exclusively

as he becomes your desire


his voice

husky and low

will soothe you tenderly

as he becomes your comfort


everything appeared to be a dream come true

but do not let him make a fool out of you


his eyes

venomous and cold

will mock you callously

as he uses you


his scent

all too encompassing

will haunt you endlessly

as he forgets you


his hands

wrapped around her

will reject you completely

as he hurts you


his lips

sprinkled with lies

will deceive you emotionally  

as he controls you


his voice

now angry and bitter

will cut you deeply

as he leaves you


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