leaky faucets

Mon, 11/13/2017 - 01:13 -- okoesel

my eyes leak

like the old pipes here

a little bit broken

unless you angle them right


but i’ve been off kilter

since you left

bent me out of shape



your words were gentle


but your eyes were unfocused

like you couldn’t bear

to look at me

and see the mess i’d make


so i continue to pour

my heart out to you

and my pain through my eyes



leaking what could have been love

yet your hands are open

and cannot hold me


i need you to say something

or maybe you have

and i didn’t hear

over the rushing in my ears

emotions like waves


the ebb and flow


of where we stand

and tears drip like blood

while i wait


for you

to fix this

so i can stop


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