Swimming Lessons

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 19:41 -- andman

I took a poetry class

for the first time

when I was 21

in my last year of college.


And it felt

like the first time I swam

when I was seven

on the last day of swim class.


Up until then

I had refused to jump in.


Instead I sat

on the waters edge

and admired my reflection

as rays from the summer sun beat down

on my back like drums

and my toes played the same rhythm

on the waters surface.


I made circles that grew larger and larger

until they were big enough

to hug the other kids

with their wide smiles

while I sat

on the side

and envied my reflection.


As the sky swallowed the time

and the other kids left

one by one

I put my clothes on

and decided to jump

into the water below.


I was tumbling

I was sinking

I was drowning

I was living


I was swimming

I was learning

I was writing

I was happy


Poetry taught me that it is alright

to be vulnerable

and to embrace your emotions

instead of burying them.

It taught me that it’s alright

to feel like a child

at a time when we’re supposed to grow up.


It has been the voice

between light and dark

giving me the courage to try new things

and never give up.


Poetry taught me to accept myself

and to set goals that are so high

it might feel like others can’t see them.

And not to worry if they can’t

because they will

when you achieve them.


Poetry taught me something that no other class

has ever done.

It taught me both the importance

of your mental and emotional health

and a way to maintain them.


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