When I look in the mirror

Everything becomes clearer 

Knowing that my flaws couldn't be nearer

I try my best to look past them

But I am no gem

Trying to compare myself to others

Which only makes me feel smothered

Perfection is only a figment

But I have a mission

To accept myself is a vision

And it's my decision

To envision a life without resentment

For myself

Put myself on the highest shelf

When people see me as pretty

I think,I don't need pity

It's a growing process 

That I want to make myself flawless 

I don't need make-up

Don't want to be a faker

I have to be my own me

so I can be free

I hold the key

Don't you see

Insecurities,Yes I have them

But I need to be isolated

To forget the world around me

And let the stereotypical be

There is no security



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