To: who you were

You were the ray of sun that shone through my window with the early light of dawn

and I

merely the speck of dust drifting by caught in your luminescence

Illuminated by your glow, feebly dancing to catch your attention

but the sun

the sun doesn't love the dust as the dust loves the sun.

For without the sun the dust is not but a speck of debris

Oh, but with the rays of light through the window

she dances and twirls 

she sparkles and shines

she is caught in a whirlwind of other particles vying for the attention of the light

for a brief moment she glows with warmth, radiates happiness

but the sun does not stay

the sun is far too important to become tied to one window pane 

and so he moves on

she is left floating 

lost and drifting through the nothingness of the empty basement which he once made beautiful

and the sun

no longer spends his mornings dancing with the dust



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