Words Can Hurt More Than a Bullet

I don't understand why do they look then laugh

I try to ignore it

Because I steadily endure it

But the is pressure pouring

To a point where I can't ignore it

Where all my morals just vanish

And I only can expand it

You never know what these hands can do

Until you're pushed to your limit

I can't understand it

Why do you pry into a life 

Do you know that it hurts like a knife

That your words continuously slice 

At a life that soon to be ice 

Why do you hate me so much

What did I do in a former life to make you feel so touched

Maybe I should hush

Life is the most beautiful thing

But when you sling those things

Life can be the most unbearable fling

So I ignore it

Because I steadily endure it

The pressure pouring

And I'm still soaring

But what happens when I stop

What happens when I drop

You can blame a cop

For the dead bodies that lay in a ground

But what about people you pushed to their limit

Now their bodies lay in a grave

Not because you physical pulled the trigger

But because you mentally pulled the trigger

And that can be so much bigger

But you are so quick to point a finger

Gold figure

I'm not saying what the cops did was right 

But you can't ignore something so bright

The thing that stands in the light

So I write

What the things people seem to overlook

Are maybe just mistook

But still you are so unhooked

Your unhooked from reality

You can't see all the brutality

You show no hospitality

So I ignore it

Because I steadily endure it

The pressure is pouring

But I'm still roaring

But what happens when it becomes a whisper

What happens when I can't prosper

What happens when I can never roar again

Is my life just a game

Can't you see my pain

As it pours down like rain

But I am constantly told to stay in my lane

Am I to blame

For the constant pain

You may be thinking yes it's all your fault

But I've been taught

So I ignore it

Because I steadily endure it

The pressure is pouring

So what happens next

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