Thoughts on My Village

It's interesting to have to even consider what my Village would be, considering I am supposed to be in a village. Yet, I find myself having to define what village I am in, because the village which was assigned to me feels foreign. Right now, I am in somebody else's Village, invading on their friends and family. While it's sweet to have been let in to a village which was not assigned to me, the feeling foreign sensation persists. In the past, I also invaded somebody else's Village to find refuge. For this reason, I've always mentally presented myself with the question of what village I am in and if I am safe there. The Village I have left behind reeks of Filth and lies. It lingers with the traces of bitterness and false love. Even today, the fear of being alone and forgotten by the people who were supposed to care for me affects my everyday relationships with people in my life.
As of yet, I find myself residing in a village revolving around family. More than a village with people born to the same last name, this village is filled with intentionality to the bonds every person has with one another. The time spent in vacation with this village is one of simple joy. There are no strict schedules to check off or expensive meals to be purchased. There is only company spent together in light of whatever may be going on. Everything that is done in the day of vacation is done as a mutual decision from everyone. There isn't a person orchestrating what everyone will do or vetoing what will not be done. The mother and father can sit together for days with nothing but the ocean for entertainment. The sandy beach is shared between everyone and is wrapped with the bows of laughter that wrap so tightly around the stomach. In this village, the only thing that matters in the time spent in vacation is that there is joy in the hours spent together and love in the meals cooked in the home.

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My family
My community
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