The Sins of the Father

Mon, 12/25/2017 - 01:51 -- jtam12

By his side, I watched your son grow,

With shackles on small hands,

Their great weight you bestowed,

But learned to withstand.


Your mistakes he bore with a smile

With chin up and back straight -

But the weight of your sins was vile,

And his suffering great.


Fierce and determined, he became

A shining man with dreams -

The shackles no longer disclaimed,

The family name redeemed.


Your sins wiped away by his hands,

His smile never dimmed-

Went off to achieve his great plans

Even as his hair thinned.


He became a friend to many,

A big brother to moi -

A brilliant man that earned envy

And nothing less than awe.


Your stained name is almost gone,

Hardly ever spoken -

But your marker he did look on

with smiles unbroken.


His bright light too quickly taken,

But prove himself he did -

Fighting odds and never breaking

To stand,


And win.

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My family
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