"you can't write a poem about tomatoes"

"you can't write a poem about tomatoes" 

Noon I went to the house Singing in my head 

I walked through kitchen  

Where the tomatoes were on the table 

Past the rooms were people was everywhere eating  

Big round red full of juice and Their hot add spices, serve many people  

Poured over the hot oven where they bake Thought of being free in your world  

Your happy mood made the sunrise soon you should be a good food to cook 

In are past was pick from a good plant under the bright sun outside 

Where you grow and many red around tomatoes everywhere  

The smell when your cut in slices when we went to the market to go out and  

Pick a very   good tomatoes I spotted your round bright red around  

So, we choose you to be our  of the family dinner for everyone in a store and 

Also in the market had a good pick at the tomatoes are heaped in a fare of glossy  

Red beauty  ,smell of the fruit full  inside market was a great pick  


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