A “Thank You” to an Old Friend

Dear old friend,

In despair and gloom your golden figure emerges into light,

Illuminating the darkness with its glowing presence.

Like the sun bleeding through the clouds on a dark day,

You lighten everything with your golden warm ray.


Accompanying me as a friend and brother,

Your silence pacifies any broken spirit.

Your presence brings smiles and laughter,

Healing us with your soft innocent gestures.


Your title is greater than a friend,

Nobler than a close family member,

You’ve been here ever since I could remember,

From young to old your title is inimitable.


This journey with you has been so very long,

You’ve been with me for half of my life,

Alas I’ve been with you for your whole being.

From young to old now I wish you a proper farewell.


Your golden halo shines as the sun sets,

Now descend back to the heavens from where you came.

In my arms I bid you “farewell” and kiss you goodbye,

Thank you old friend for everything, thank you.

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My family
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