Icarus' Fall

I knew he would be bad for me.
I knew his gentle touch would one day make me bleed.

Shining barely out of reach.
I prayed for him to see me, waiting patiently.

He made his way into my dreams.
The greatest star among us that you’ll ever see.

Trapped in a tower with no key.
Stranded in an ocean of my own insecurities.

He said that he’d be there for me.
His warming honey gaze setting my soul free.

His gold hair and his gentle heat.
The wonder of his warm ethereality.

It made me lose my sanity.
Destruction never looked so beautiful to me.

His fire tasted oh so sweet.
The pleasure in the pain contained my cold dark misery.

Staring out at the endless sea.
Beyond, a whole new world of possibility.

I followed him, oh so foolishly.
Blinded by his sensual power and intensity.

He was the wind beneath my wings.
The world knew I would plummet eventually.

But he was all that I could see.
Nothing else had ever mattered half as much to me.

I soared too close to his smoke screen.
Illuminated all his lack of loyalty.

His warmth turned to a blazing heat.
A fire hot enough to send me falling to the sea.

Drowned in cold dark insecurity.
While the man I gave my heart to forgot about me.

Poetry Terms Demonstrated: 



I couldn't figure out how to select more poetry terms demonstrated so here they are: Allusion, anthropomorphism, connotation, epistrophe (minor), euphemism, hyperbole, imagery, juxtaposition, metaphor, repetition, rhyme scheme, stanza, verisimilitude (minor).

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