Tears stain your cheeks.

You come to school every day,

In a mess of mascara.

You’re hurt,

And I know who did it.


We pass in the hallways

But there is no acknowledgement from you.

Your head stays low,

As your feet shuffle out of the way.

You’re hurt,

And I know who did it.


Blue used to be your favorite color,

Now it is black.

Hygiene was on the top of your priorities,

Now it has fallen of the list.

You’re hurt,

And I know who did it.


You told me once,

That nothing lasts forever,

You can only live once you said.

I see you walk through those doors every day

watching for an eternity for you to look my way.

When it never happens I simply say to myself,

You only live once.

And turn, to leave watching you for another day.


You’re hurt

I am too.

But I’d rather be apart,

Than stay here with you.

You’re hurt,

And I know I did it.


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