The Soul That Was Lost

The clouds, white as can be. Shine with her light, glowing the way her smile used to. 

The pain she suffered; God himself welcoming her into his world, through the gate of Heaven. 

She had always dreamed of true happiness, always wondered when her pain would end. 

I still feel her arms around me, holding me through my tears after she was gone. 

I felt her soul, the soul that was lost, telling me goodbye.

The Earth shakes, with a thunderous power, booming like her laugh once had.

Her world shook with the fear that she would never return; she took her last breath. 

The last thing she saw was her mother crying out to God, asking Him why. 

Sarah's soul was lost, and God has simply brought her home, I assured her at the service. 

Sarah's soul was one of many, of the souls that have been lost. 

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My family
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