Ode to You:

Ode to You:


Regardless of what you might think, this poem isn't about you. I know the title is ill, but you have convinced yourself that everything I have written, everything I feel, everything I have to show, is about you. Therefore, it is fitting to have a poem that has nothing to do with you, be titled "Ode to You".


Regardless of what you might perceive, I am a graceful, merciless woman. I've grown tired of being the child you want me to be. I have turned into a version of who I know I am, in an effort to turn myself into the white fairy you've come to fear so terribly. But, you see, I am no longer afraid of your anger, resentment or panic. I no longer hide behind the curtains of "friendship" you've so delicately put up. I am the version myself I choose to be, not the one you want to see.

Regardless of what you might think, I am not the arrogant coward you made me out to be. I am the self-righteous queen that is here to impose her will upon the world. I refuse to mold into the character of a coward, I am empowered through the words I choose to write. I am empowered through the poems I choose to recite. I am empowered through the people I admire. I am empowered through the adjectives I claim as my own.

Regardless of who you are, I am myself. Independant of your thought process or analysis. Separate from whatever relationship you've crafted in your mind. I am part of a greatest, most liberal, most free, race anyone has ever had the pleasure to witness. I will not be held back by notions of co-dependancy and love.

Regardless of your notions of love, hate and indeference, I stand by my own. I am strong, willfull and brilliant. My conclusions are drawn from facts and complex thought processes, you cannot begin to phathom. 

Therefore, regardless of your take on the situation, my decision to love you has very little to do with you at all.

Similarly, this poem has everything to do with you. Regardless of my take on it.

Some things are what they are. And love is what it is. And I am who I am. And you are who you are.

And you, my dear. Are loved.



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