To the Promised Lands

Looking from the sea far away

A place with unlimited possibilities, the promised land.

I dream of being there one day,

To be able to make a stand.


Currently, where I am, I’m limited,

Waves of pressure laid upon me.

“Do this,”  “Be that” is all I ever heard,

Looking for a chance, to escape this controlling sea.


Finally, I see a light, a chance,

A ride out of the sea.

And soon the sea is out of my glance,

As the flying ship takes me to the place I seek.


I'm here, I'm here, I’m really here.

After years of dreaming of escaping the sea,

Everything is different, everything is unclear.

Nothing to\ direct me what to do or be.


No longer controlled by the wave,

I do things my way, I follow my own path

In the promised lands, nothing digs my grave.

I will go as far as I can, as far as I deem essential.

to take this opportunity to its highest potential.


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