Ode to Lewis

Ode To Lewis:


Lovely cards of life

Define her future

They spoke with their eyes

Minds gleaming and newer

Carnival prize,

You made her feel super

She gave all her time

Endearment Pursuer.

Your detest and grime,

like crime overthrew her.

She undid her life

The loathing and stupor

She felt like a mime

So quiet, an intruder.

Your stole all her time

Endearment soul user

Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Sudan

She watched as you trivialized, then striped down the man

Uganda, Morocco, Ghana, Cameroon

Damaged Kingdoms, Stolen Diamonds, Salvation come soon

The burning and giving, all lost, it was taken.

By God, these people were sadly mistaken

People like plants, living for a monsoon

You better watch out or they’ll come for you too

Lonely stakes of life

Remember the past

Ships filled with demise

The fight buried in ash

Gold missing mines

You stripped her future

She gave all her might

Endearment abuser


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My country
Our world
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