You're such a hypocrite

Oh society how dare you Promoting skinny as beautifulAnd fat is insecureBut at the same timeFat should love their curves And skinny should eat a hamburger You create these controversiesThat being single sucksAnd to strive for relationships But who needs relationshipsBecause being single rulesAnd couples are annoying You add gasoline to the flamesBeing gay is okayAnd being straight is tooAnd lesbian, bi, trans, queerBut society is none of theseSociety is straight You control these warsOf race issuesWe can joke about whiteAnd joke in our own raceBut no jokes about other raceOr else we're all racist You control and manipulate our livesAnd tell us to love ourselves and each other?Oh society, you're such a hypocrite 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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