Unkempt Hearts

Thu, 02/06/2020 - 14:04 -- vkm811



broken promises,

temporary emotions,

the red lace, abandoned, unseen desire 

tears not ready yet to fall 

heart awaiting the pitter patter 

anticipating the feeling 

the all consuming feeling,

butterflies migrating to an another

massara wet tears drop

down stained freckled cheeks,

the pain and anger, it has happened again 

yet i let him take 

and take 

and take, more of the pieces

reducing my once bright sunburnt soul 

to a pale reflection counterpart.

it’s not so much a surprise,

but the polar ice hurts pains just the same.

the best most pure situation 

the happiest moments 

are now layered with 

new thoughts 

new memories 

some moments i wish to forget 

but won’t 

i try and try to get the thoughts out 

to get the memories out. 

i know why i won’t, 

why i can’t allow them to dissipate, 

i must now protect this heart like a vault  

because i’m letting too many pieces slip away.

so i wipe the makeup clean from my face

smile into the mirror 

and text him that i'm fine.


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