Mon, 01/27/2020 - 16:45 -- baguoru

The flame has a life of its own

Mysteriously ignited by the fuel of existence and

Set ablaze by the quaintness of the world’s wonders,

Wee beginnings as a single spark in a pit of ember

Streams rampantly outward and up into the air

Engulfing and surrounding the stones, like a dense cloud   

Pouring out over the barriers of the pit

And in a raging blaze,

One that would make the fiery eyes of the Sun falter

And a red-hot planet Venus run in fear,

The fire sways with the cool wind

Strange, how akin we are to fire,

Kept lively with oxygen

Quenched by a drop of water or salt

How it burns amidst




And as life, as quick as it is ignited, it is extinguished,

Leaving only a trail of smoke in its wake to remind the air of its presence once it is lost.

Give life to the flame.

Feed the flame.



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Our world
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