Dear Mom (Life in a Letter Scholarship)


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Dear Mom,

I know it wasn't easy taking care of an absolute wreck of emotions named Marie. Huddled in the corner with anxiety bashing into my comfort zone and insecurities beating into my skull, making me think I was never good enough when all you saw was a beautiful shipwreck in a hurricane of life. I was beaten into a shell and I over thought almost everything.You persistently tried to ease me out of my shell and help this antisocial hermit crab make friends. You were my only true best friend and stuck with me whenever I fell apart. I had wisdom in the palm of my hand, but I never used it. You taught me just about everything I know and you made me feel better about myself. You made me feel pretty and smart and wise. You helped me see things about myself that I never saw. You always made me laugh when I had a bad day. You were always the one that laughed to keep from crying. I know I always told you this, but you are my hero. Accepting all of everything in life and turning it into a force, a laugh, or just something remarkable. You went with the flow and gave it your all. You were passionate and soulful. You were a survivor of life's treacherous waters and you kept on pushing through, even when the going got tough, because you loved us and you loved life, even if it got too stressful or its weight began to equal yours in gold. You were always there for us, but you took time for yourself to recharge. And that's what I love about you. You're undeniably yourself and you were such a soulful and giving person and people took you for granted all too much. No matter what happened, you stuck with me, no matter how my anger pushed against you, my anxiety screaming at me, my insecurities keeping me up at night, you were always there, cheering me on, telling me that I was enough and I was trying and that nothing was wrong with me or my sensitivity. You made feel like a beautiful person and I could never, ever forget that. Thank you... for just everything. Thank you for being here. Thank you. Just, thank you. I love you so much, mom. God bless your soul. God bless.

Sincerely and love always,

A finally complete, content, and soulful person,

Your youngest daughter,



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