The Shore of Thought

Your toes sink through the sands of time As you walk along the shores of doubt On the island on your own No telegram or telephone What is it that you think about? It’s only in that circumstance When wonder starts to fill your mind What is it that you value most? The true desire of your inner ghost What is it you will find? If you could only have one thing What would you choose out of it all? To keep you strong through every mile You walk along your lonely isle For what would you call? An empty diary and pen A film that always captures you A record that just fills your soul A picture that just makes you whole So many, but so few Or might objects be not enough? And mementos so very small? When you can have something much more To aid you on your silent shore Someone on whom to call A person that you love the most That one being you hold dear The one who carries all the pain Who knows dark secrets with the shame Who sees you crystal clear But even they may fade away And leave you in your wretched sands What is it that you truly need? Your sanity and mind to lead Among your weary lands Will Love itself do the trick? To satisfy your dying mind Emotion alone to carry you No fear, no pain, no sea of blue Just Beauty, gentle and kind No, of all these things you think You know not what you value most Of all the objects in the sea From all the people by your side To all the feeling you could have Nothing satisfies your soul You cannot understand your heart The only thing you think about Get off this island full of doubt All you want is just a boat To take you far away from here Your shores of violent bad ideas That make you want to die inside Save me from my inner ghost Only help from God above Can any help come my way Until then I’ll clear my head And think of other things instead Come back to this another day.

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