Wings are Healed

I'm like a bird who tries to soar, but can't be able to fly anymore. 

Fighter of this clan who needs to make a stand.

I struggle to break free, with a world of possibilities to admire from up close.

No longer hiding in my black cloak, but decided to heal my wings.

They are broken when I fell off my swing, and knowing my life is out of control.

Losing the solo that matters to me, and need to accept I'm no longer a part of thee.

The light that once surrounded me now replaced with the ominous cloud.

No one to see for miles around, while I am hell bound.

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? 

A soul that is damaged beyond repair, and eyes dark as the iridescent black night.

Everyone does not know the whole world is on my shoulders,

I am broken, and can no longer put up a fight.

The demons are playing tricks on my mind.

Let me drift to a wondrous reality.

People wouldn't have to see my multiple personalities.

Death is an ancient relic with a few tricks up his sleeve.

He could kill, and slither you real easily.

The end is near., so watch out my dear.





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