When Night Falls For Us

someone scream

when the night falls

for me

in the West

and for you In The East

at the moment we both blink


for when we rush 

through our safe doors

and plunge into stardust

all see the same

this is when we panic.


all see the same

all see the same

the moon rises too

for worlds supposed to be separate 


WAKEN! in the quiet

no, silence is not belonging

diverse sundials is good

different times, but ALIVE.


will anyone scream?

when your son’s heart stops

when she says  y e s

when I grasp my heart and heave


show us dawn

show me faith

fashion morning for the West

and wait once again.


we need light and dark

night must rise


true is The moon gravity’s pilot?


someone scream

when the night falls

for me in the West

and you

in the East

in that moment we both breathe

I am fearful.



        as cycle dies. scream.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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