Growing Up // By : Melissa H.

Growing up 

He never had people

Who would stick around 

He's ashamed to say

 that his own mother neglected him 

And that she

Never saved his childhood

From the disgrace of the face

That haunted him for days…

Maybe even still to this day 

Nightmares in his mind every day

About the days

When he would watch his siblings being beaten

At such a young age

His mothers tears stained her face

Oh those days...they are gone now

But he still hears the echoing screams of

 his mother, sister, brothers… And himself

At the hands of the man

Who never let him be a child

He was only 6 years old when

His mother left

Packed up...took his youngest brother

And left him here...alone

To survive in this harsh world

He's only 14 now

The strongest person I know

His face full of scars 

That show

He's a survivor….

A survivor of the cruel world 

To this day he still believes that

Everyone who he has ever loved

Sees him as a disgrace…

someone who shouldn't be in this place

Each day 

He faces a new terror 

whenever a hand is raised 

He flinches

For he is afraid

That that hand

Might strike him

And leave bruises on his face 

When people ask him

How he's so strong 

He says 

That he has to be strong 

Because the world is cold 

And you have to sometimes face obstacles on your own

“Everyone's  got his back like they say”

He believes that that is one of the biggest lies ever told

In this world

 positivity is rarely ever shown 

So to block the hurt and the pain

That he gains every day 

He believes that

Himself is the only friend

That he will ever know


This poem is about: 
My family
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Why a child has to see the harsh realities of this cold, scary world. Let him be just a kid. Relatable.

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