Judging Eyes

 Judging Eyes,Eyes that pierce the soul,Eyes that take a look into the very being,In which I am. Eyes that look upon me,And mock me.They mock with such impuaty,My eyes begin to weep. Weeping eyes,Eyes that water seeps out of,like a trickling creak.Eyes that are stained from tears. I see judging eyes all around me saying,"Her hair is ugly." "Her teeth are gapped.""Her body is too small.""Her thighs are too fatt."Eyes constantly yelling this and more. Stop crying, weeping eyes,You can end it soon.Dry off your weeping eyes,Pick up the mirror.You're beautiful, see. But, the judging eyes that are my own,Tell me other wise.Judging eyes that hurt.Hurt.Hurt so much. Shall I change?Shall I become someone other than me?Who am I?Judging eyes that follow.Judging eyes that stare.  What should I wear?Do I wear a loose shirt,So that I look normal? Never smile.No, never.My teeth, they are crooked.My hair, isn't flawless. There is no one perfect.I am perfect.My Mom tells me.My Dad tells me.God tells me. But why do I ache if they see me as pefection?Why am I not as pretty?Judging eyes, how they hurt.How they reach deep into the core of my being. Shall I end it?No.No, but yes.Only two people will miss me. I stand and watch judging eyes walk past me,Day by day.No compliments.Laughter.Oh! How it hurts. Nobody.Nobody to turn to.All alone.Afraid."Child." Fearining eyes,Eyes full of wonder and fear." You are my special treasure." Who was that?I feel happy and joy.Joy that overwhelms me, Happy eyes are forever mine,Plastered over with a hint of death.I am missed,I am loved,And I only have one pair of judging eyes,Looking at me for all eternity. 

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