Summertime Happiness

The sun feels like happiness soaking into my skin 

The waves sound like music to my hears 

There is laugher and smiles shared all around the sun

The wind takes my hair and it dances with the music

My toes have their own little bed in the sand 

The taste of berries is so much more refreshing 

Sand is in my hair but I do not care

The sun soaks all my worries away with its rays 

No more having to look back at old memories

Memories are being made right here right now

My sweat somehow feels like drips of gold

My skin transforms into a different color 

My cheeks are rosy, my smile is warm 

Time goes away along with the Spring

This is the time to be reckless with my youth

Life as I know it just got better 

With only a few temperatures 

It is my time to shine with the sun


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