The Only Thing I'm Good AT

"I can’t do homework.

Now, you probably think I’m wrong, right?

You want to make right this wrong in my mind that makes me say… “can’t”.

Can’t do this

Can’t do that

It’s not an open mindset,

you think that I’m wrong but I will bet

that I am right.

Now, you’re probably a bit more open to my argument, aren’t you?

You want to figure out and argue the points at hand and figure out why I still say.. “can’t”

Can’t write this

Can’t write that

It’s not the way you want me to think,

you think that you can make the connection, the link,

that will get me to stop saying “can’t”


I appreciate your effort.

I appreciate the fact you don’t just kick me to the dirt

and tell me “If you don’t do the work, you fail”

Failure is not an option for me

but in time, if not already, you will see

that I want to succeed.


I want to do well

I want to do the work

But I’m stuck in this hell

an endless void of pain and hurt.


The only escape that I’ve found

is writing these profound

words on a page

hoping to say them out of this trap, this cage,


Someday hoping to share this,

this sense of hopelessness,

hoping that this pain will end,

ending up free,

freedom is the only option,

options are one,

one option left,

left untouched,

untouchable by those who struggle,

struggling through the pain,

pain ridden to days end,

ending up free someday.  


You make think I’m wasting

all of my time writing

but it’s the only way to express

all the ways that I’m feeling.

I only think rhythmically

trying to find a pattern in everything

and everything without a pattern

is a waste to me.


I’m trying, I swear,

to get somewhere

with this work I’m assigned

but it’s killing my mind.


I’m sorry this is tough

but it’s tougher for me than it is for you

This isn’t just a simple flu

but an illness, a disease

that’s tugging at my brain

screaming, crying, to please



Stopping is not an option,

so I will keep going,

But I can only take one action

and right now it’s keeping these words flowing.

But if this stops working

I will shut down,

for this is all I have left,

and if this stops, I drown.

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