Poison of Love

Once upon a time there was a girl

Who fell in love with a hero

He swept her away to another world 

Their love would stay young forever  But she was far away  Tucked away  Lost in his eyes  Stuck in her mind  Still in a daze  He pushed away  So far away  Now she's walking alone on a desolate shore   

Don't let that charming smile fool you 

You're not the only one  We'll find you some day 

A way to get you back home 

 Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a prince 

With his Godly looks and charm

He wouldn't take what she offered to give  No he wouldn't take what she would give  Oh he wouldn't take what she would give him No he didn't want what she would give   Don't let that charming smile fool you  You're not the only one  He broke your heart 

It's time for you to mend it 

And find your way back home


 Once upon a time the third sister  Saved her self from their desperation  The poison of love came and kissed her  And he caught her attention  He said  "don't let this charming smile fool you Although you're the only one  I may break your heart  I'll try my best to mend it  Because you're the only one" So she ran away  He said "come to me I'll keep you safe  Forever  For an eternity  Just be with me   I will beg and plead  For your love" She came She came... 


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