Grabbing your Why?

Where do you grab your why?

Out of thin air?

Does it come to you while sitting,

watching the day go by?

Maybe it runs into you on your deathbed,

seein' your life flash before your eyes.


It could be floating around the clouds for all I know.

Should I be rushing to find it, 

or taking it nice and slow?

Perhaps it's searching for ME instead,

enjoying its time alone.


Is there a right place? A right time?

A Why is hard to come by,

there's no telling when you'll run into it.

But! Once you do...

Grab it!

Grasp it!

Hold on for dear life!

Before you know it someone'll try and snatch it from you,

saying it was their's all along.

You know their wrong, 

so tell 'em to get a move on.


Wait your turn.

Your time will come!

One life's too short,

so don't let it pass you by.

Don't let it slip through your hands,

like all the opportunities you let go.


Stay attentive! Stay vigilant!

Watch for it like your favorite show.

You can't wait to see your Why.

For now, just think.

Where will you grab your Why?

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Our world
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