Sun, 02/14/2016 - 21:23 -- xEZaidx


Quiet and still on the inside.

Everything stuffed inside the closet.

Fire ignites, change happens. 

His eyes meet mine and the flame gets fanned. The fire rages inside us.

Conflagration burns like things I've only seen behind a screen.

First flame.

I douse it in water. Stupid.


We can't look each other in the eye.

It rains like how I've only ever seen behind a screen.

Smokes, but not gone. 

I try to fan the embers, he spits on it.

Flame dying. 


I look and see, the embers are not gone.

I fan the flames again, he helps.

Fire ignites, change happens.

Now the wildfire spreads again in us. 



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