My Love

I've seen many sunsets and sunrises. All unique and truly breathtaking. Each one was a blessing to my eyes.  A prayer unspoken but seen. These silent hymns grasped my heartand made it soar amongst the clouds.Before I knew it, I was chasing down the sunset and following the sunrise as a disciple would his master. I've seen the world change based upon the hues of colour. Soft kisses met with the blue blanket and fluffy orange pillows. Heated embraces were protected through red lights and dark walls.I had felt tranquility within my bodywhen I was encased in illuminatedmist from a rising Goddess. To see the gates of Heaven open and close before my eyes melts my very essence. Feeling the air that arranges suchstunning sets of clouds push away stray hairs sets my soul on fire. Each breeze a caress to remind me to keep gazing towards the sky. For sky is my only love. And she only loves me. 

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