The Pigment of Sin

They see me

just a brown woman,

they fear those blessed

and melanin infused

with strong pigment

and color,

A true badge of honor,

sanctified children

of gods and goddess

tainted by the

foreign oppressors

that have

prodded pillaged and penetrated

my ancestors

family tree,

like pesky weeds,

taking over

our land,

owning our seeds

my people hold


the size of a mustard seed,

balled up

beat up

burnt up inside


nobody can see


Those who seek holiness

do not believe in wholeness

If they practiced the love of Christ

maybe they would see that the whole point is

to love and let the love among us fully flourish



Oh Sweet rose of Jericho

Resurrect again

Rise from the ashes

and bask in sin

the pigment of my skin

is the pigment of sin

they wiped out all the life

and breath

from my sisters

my brothers

My kin

I am the Jericho rose

I will rise again.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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