Life a year ago wasn't all so lyrical. You see i wanted to be idolized like a hero but that hero was only hanging by a thin thread unlike spiderman hanging from a web, I was just a silly parody. I just needed some type of therapy and poetry became my temporary remedy. It got me out of a year of pain. Mama i know, the time is almost here when the clock strucks 12 and you disappear I feel so wretched knowing you'll be gone forever and I'll still be up every night with bloodshot eyes and walls that surround me with the story of our life. Throughout the year so many things took place, I had fallen in deep underneath an ocean of pain, trying to compare and contrast all this torment and pain but as of then I was only tasting the salty ocean of pain, but New year New me as they always say, don't take life for granted yes, it may be grey but it takes a colorful mind to make it all okay. Now today i'm still tasting a bit of salt but slowly replacing it all with sugar. Is this a new start, new mindset or new me? The ocean is too corrupt to know as of right now but once it all settles we'll know for sure.

                           -Medina S.

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My family
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Thank you! Means a lot. :)

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