Dear sailor,

how bright were the stars last night?

Did you watch them dance like embers 

in their everlasting fight against the darkness?

Or were your eyes focused below

at the still waters you wished wold swallow you whole?

Dear sailor,

You were a child not long ago,

but being the smallest in your class 

didn't stop you from dreaming 

about what it would feel like to reach the ceiling.

My dear sailor,

It was the year when winter stopped by,

but with ice and snow

it also brought the lie

that no one would miss you, wherever you go.

The next day, you began your voyage

to explore

to escape

to look up and see new constellations,

since the stars at home did nothing but

watch you drown in your own tears.

You are the lone sailor of your ship

since you don't want to relive the pain

of the ones you love leading a mutiny against you.

Dear sailor,

why don't you answer my letters?

Your unspoken words are like reproducing rats,

but you allow their infestation 

without any hesitation,

because you wish they will be heavy enough to sink your ship.

You wish the water will be cold enough

to freeze over your pain,

to leave you numb and hollow

so all that remains 

is a ghost

floating beneath the still waters,

because when you feel nothing,

you won't feel like you're nothing anymore.

Dear sailor,

don't look up at the new constellations.

They don't see how the world lights up when you smile,

or how you always run the extra mile 

when everyone else is too tired to even walk.

Don't look down at the beckoning sea,

for it doesn't believe in the possibility 

that you are a miracle.

Look forward,

beyond the ocean so vast and alone,

for I am the lighthouse calling you home.

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