Dear America

Dear America,

I stand at the center of your porch ready to knock

When you tell me to climb through the doggy door,

Knowing my entire body will not fit within its size.

I came expecting to smell the array of your spices within the pot

Melting your various unique ingredients

But am looking at a single sheated cake with vanilla frosting and only one knife to cut it.  


Dear America

The foundation within my house is gone

And although you promised to build upon my broken egg shells

You tore down the only ladder that was keeping me stable

And left me with only a single step to spare

Expecting me to somehow make it to the top and reach for the stars


Dear America

I now represent a single poisonous skittle in your eyes

That you juedge by the outer ends color and throw away

And ironically although skittles are supposed to create a rainbow

You have stripped me from ever knowing or questioning the pot of gold on the other end

And gave me rainy skies and endless hurricanes


Dear America

My v-card now feels like a credit card

That can be swiped away at any moment

With no security attatched to its identity

And only rough hands to grab at its edges


There was so much more to see behind her curtained window

If only you had chosen to remove the drapes and taken a look for yourselves

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My country
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