planted / my hands
in wet sand / territorial spit
passed down lies / hand made amends
severed ties turned slips we hang from
every dog has its day in traffic
city stray since ours happened

never will we make amends
out of clay to stay together
climbed on top / collapsed from pressure
not safe from weather
whether it thunder or rain

dweller / found my way to your hell

burnt at both ends / kept from your grip
now im nothing but burnt out
fucked / hustled
risked my life to see the sun
wasn't worth the trouble
i'll search for comfort
under the rubble
i should have played dead
and played my heart out

at home
dweller / found my way to your hell
i wish i knew what was worth fighting for
then i fought for myself
for the first time

myself / your hell

cover the path in dead petals

retraced my steps / daily
found nothing for you
nothing but sin for me

"There she was, as cold and white as the day we first met. Yet glow froze over and trapped our angels until their pale displayed a lack of blood flow. Clarity stolen from the storm once more. At least that's how I saw it. Beauty in clouds poured onto Onset asphalt for me to pick up. That's how I felt when vibrations from truth kicked dirt from below, leaving my comprehension in the dust. It was then that I knew; i felt gray and afraid for you."

i still do
though colored in with everything i own
unclear / the view
dragged through dirt / running on fumes

I dragged you through dirt while running on fumes

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