Knocked Down

Knocked down

You told me I wasn’t popular enough,

That I wasn’t cool.

You told me I was worthless,

Because I wasn’t like you.


Knocked down

You told me I was a waste of time

With you slithering words.

Your sneaky personality

Made me believe you were absurd.


Knocked down

You made me feel lonely and ganged up on like I was an embarrassment,

You slid around with so much pride,

Telling me I had no friends,

You made me want to hide.


Knocked down

You told me I was ugly, that I should exercise,

But my soul will never be as ugly as you on the inside.

You blamed me for things I never did,

With your twisted lies you are cold blooded.


Knocked down

You expected me to be someone I’m not,

Leaving your venom inside me to rot.

You never cared about me or my feelings,

I’m not a snake like you I’m a true human being.


Rise up

Thank you for helping me become a better person,

Your suffocating words twisted around my neck forcing me to grow thick skin.

The way you move on like snakes shed their skin,

Made me realize that this “friendship” was anything but permanent.


Rise up

Thank you for showing me some friends aren’t loyal,

Yet I still looked up to you as if you were royal.

You taught me how not to be a friends,

The way you could be so cruel it’s hard for me to comprehend.


Rise up

Thank you for slithering out of my skin,

I’m ready to get passed what has been.

You’ve given me confidence to shine brightly

Now that you don’t have me wrapped around so tightly.


Rise up

Thank you for giving me happiness,

You taught me how to be grateful for everything in my life.

When our friendship ended you set me free,

You be you and I’ll be me.


Have you ever been bitten by a venomous snake?

You might not have noticed until it’s too late.


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